The HOPE Association is a for purpose organization that is driven by meeting the needs of underprivileged children.


Rather than offering services or resources we thought the local community might need, we took an investigative approach to finding out what the actual needs are instead of trying to guess on our own what they were.

We found that 7.7 million children in the U.S., do not have regular, full year access to needed health care services due to lack of insurance, gaps in insurance coverage or transportation barriers.

Furthermore, we identified that about 1 in 4 children with chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS in HPSAs don’t receive proper ongoing care and treatment due to the lack of access to essential health care.

When we discovered these urgent needs, we rallied to provide a solution in the form of a mobile health clinic. The HOPE Mobile Health Clinic was founded on the belief that every child, regardless of financial means, deserves high quality, coordinated, community based, family centered, and comprehensive care. 

The mission of the HOPE Mobile Health Clinic (HMHC) is to improve access for underserved children to comprehensive services necessary to achieve better health care. This mission is based on the belief that every child, regardless of his/her financial means, deserves high-quality, comprehensive, continuous health care, delivered in a respectful, caring and family centered environment-a "medical home." Our pediatric mobile clinic will achieve this mission by delivering primary medical care to children, age birth to 21 years, directly in their neighborhoods at no direct cost to their caregivers. While providing primary medical care is our principle focus, we hope to incrementally expand our programming in future years to include mental health and social services, education, and advocacy. Only by working as a professional team, can we hope to provide our patients with the services they need.

Education is a key to prevention and wellness for both the individual and the community. Our team will spend a significant portion of each visit educating families on prevention and other healthcare related issues. In the community we serve, we will reach out by offering education sessions to community residents on general topics such as asthma, immunizations, and nutrition. The HOPE Mobile Health Clinic will be a regular participant in health fairs, immunization campaigns, and other outreach activities throughout the wards we serve. This outreach offers us visibility to both those who need our services and those community service organizations that wish to partner with us to provide more comprehensive services to the children in the District of Columbia.